Premium Dense Foam Blocking Mats for Knitting by WooLove

Set of 9 Extra Thick, Heat Resistant Interlocking Boards with Dual Color Grid Lines – Plus BONUS Knitting Supplies: Storage Bag + 60 T-Pins


SUPERIOR THICKNESS MEETS OUTSTANDING DURABILITY – Stop struggling with flimsy, hard-to-use blocking mats! We construct our extra thick, heat resistant blocking boards to be sturdy enough to stay together through any project. Extra thick dense foam makes them superbly lightweight and lastingly durable, so you can connect them into numerous shapes and sizes in a snap!



BLOCK WITH PRECISION AND EASE – Wave goodbye to uneven edges and mismatched, improperly measured projects! With WooLove you’ll get straight, precise edges every time. We’re the first blocking boards with grids in two colors, so it’s easier than every to eyeball your grid alignment for detailed accuracy. Every blocking mat contains exact grid lines with 1-inch square edges, making them perfect for beginners.



YOUR NEXT PROJECT’S MUST-HAVE TOOL – No craft box is complete without this set of 9 WooLove blocking mats! Improve your knitting accuracy when creating square blankets, curved armholes, gloves, sweaters, and scarves, but these aren’t just for knitters! Ideal for crochet, needlework, and needlepoint – these really are the crafter’s best friends.



FREE BONUSES JUST FOR YOU – We give you a FREE storage bag to help you keep things neat, tidy, and exactly where you need them to be. It also doubles as an excellent travel bag, when you want to take your crafts on the go. Plus, we give you 60 FREE t-pins, so you can make the most out of your new blocking mats when you’re wet blocking, steam blocking, need a surface to dry your knits, and more!



SETTING THE CUSTOMER SERVICE STANDARD – With WooLove you never have to worry. Our Customer Service Team is here to make sure you love your purchase. That means that if for whatever reason you’re not satisfied, we’ll happily exchange your product or refund your money – no questions asked.

Take Your Creativity Out Of Home And Impress Your Friends

Product description

Be a crafting superstar with WooLove!

You’ll be the eye of envy with your pristine edges and perfectly aligned creations! Whether you’re a beginning knitter or a full-time crafting pro, you’ll love the finished product you get with your WooLove gridded knitting boards!

Extra thick, .75 inch, interlocking blocks form various shapes and sizes, as your projects require. Plus, they’re created with durable foam, so they’ll sturdily stay together from start-to-finish.

Perfect for every project!

Problems with color transferring will be a thing of the past when you have WooLove in your basket! Our blocking mats are water and heat resistant, so they’re safe for steaming, wet blocking, and drying without risk of color transfer.

Bring accuracy, comfort, and precision to each and every project. Knit perfectly square scarfs and blankets; tackle challenging sweater and glove patterns with ease; crochet elaborately beautiful designs; and needlepoint even the most exact images. Nothing is too difficult when you use WooLove to block the way!

Introducing our innovative dual color grid lines!

We’re the first blocking mats to use two different colors in our design. Red horizontal lines and blue vertical lines make it easier than ever to block with confidence. Quickly eyeball measurements, without getting stuck counting squares again and again. Each mat is a 12.6” x1 12.6” square with perfectly gridded 1” squares, so you can leave your ruler in the drawer for good.

The WooLove Satisfaction Standard.

We’re committed to providing you the best quality crafting experience possible. That includes everything from our awesome FREE EXTRAS to our unbeatable customer service. With every blocking mats purchase you receive a FREE travel and storage case and 60 FREE t-pins, as well as our risk-free money-back guarantee!

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